Prospective students

We are a diverse group and support students who are pursuing degrees across a range of disciplinary programs. These include:

Prospective MS and PhD students are invited to collaborate on any of the research. We have a particular interest in engaging students in the following projects:

  • Assessing how knowledge plays a role in conservation decision-making
  • Evaluating risks and opportunities for accounting for biodiversity in the business sector
  • Prioritizing conservation investment in curbing biodiversity loss
  • Applying evidence synthesis to conservation and decision-making
  • Developing market-based approaches to wildlife conservation and poaching
  • Evaluating the role of marine wildlife tourism in coupled human natural systems
  • Assessing cumulative human impacts of stressors on marine mammals
  • Developing a standard for using range maps in cetacean IUCN Red List assessments
  • Fostering innovation in curbing marine plastic pollution
  • Integrating metrics of natural capital into fisheries supply chains
  • Understanding the role of institutions in marine conservation outcomes

Graduate students are eligible for financial support through the School of Life Sciences and Leah Gerber’s grants. When contacting the Conservation Innovation Lab, prospective students should include a statement of research interests, CV and GRE scores when inquiring about graduate school opportunities.

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