Graduate students

Martha Arízaga

Innovation in Global Development  Phd Program

I have worked in the field of higher education, and science and technology policy for the past eight years. My current topics of interest include the science-political interface in the sustainable development arena, social arrangements between public, private, and indigenous organizations, and public value co-creation.

Lívia Cruz

Biology and Society PhD Program

I earned my Bachelor of Science in Biology and my Master`s degree in Ecology from the University of Campinas, Brazil. My current research interests are related to community-based conservation management in the Brazilian Amazon, Common Resource Use, Human-nature relations and Local Ecological Knowledge.

Olivia Davis

Biology and Society PhD Program

I earned my Bachelor of Science in Biology at The College of New Jersey.  I am interested in the intersection between conservation science and policy, and aim to address how we can improve the preservation of biodiversity and endangered species by bridging the gap between scientists and decision-makers. As organisms continue to face threats caused by humans, such as through climate change, pollution, and habitat degradation, I hope to better understand how we can use science to save species and encourage people, from politicians to average citizens, to take action in order to protect wildlife on a policy level.

Camila Guerrero

Biology and Society PhD Program

I earned my degree in environmental engineering at Universidad de los Andes (Colombia) and my Master’s degree at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain). I am currently interested in biodiversity conservation, and how we can make it more efficient. My goal is to develop decision support tools to reconcile human needs with their impacts on biodiversity.

Caitlin Hawley

School of Human Evolution and Social Change  Phd Program

I recieved my Bachelors of Science in Anthropology and Psychology at Arizona State University, where I focused on primate behavior. I worked in Sub-Saharan Africa for a few year after my Bachelors degree on Animal Behavior projects. However, I became increasingly interested in wildlife conservation and pivoted to working with Dr. Gerber and the Conservation Innovation Lab. To better protect and preserve wildlife and natural areas, we need a more in-depth understanding of people’s motivations to engage with nature and to take on actionable conservation-related behaviors. Currently, I am broadly interested in how experiential, place-based learning affects young people’s interest in conservation and sustainability careers and whether or not immersive learning opportunities can shift the public’s attitudes towards nature, wildlife, and conservation. I hope to leverage the results of my work to inform environmental education practices at the local and non-profit level.

Graduate student Erin Murphy sitting on a rock with climbing gearErin Murphy

Biology and Society PhD Program

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Integrative Biology and my Master’s degree in Geology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I am interested in the relationship between marine conservation and human wellness. Currently, my research focuses on the impacts of marine plastic pollution and effective mitigation strategies.

Paola Sangolqui

Biology and Society PhD Program

I received my Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology at “Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral” in Ecuador. I am interested in the relationship between ecological conservation and human wellbeing. My goal is to develop monitoring protocols and link the data obtained with protected areas management objectives to assess structured decision-making processes. I am particularly interested in marine and coastal habitats and how overfishing, climate change, tourism, marine pollution and other human related activities are affecting them in order to promote proper science-based management decisions.

Rebecca Snyder

Environmental Life Sciences PhD Program

I earned my Bachelors of Arts at the University of Washington and my Master’s in Environmental Science and Policy from Columbia University. I am interested in nature-based solutions and decision-making in conservation to better account for the growing risks and uncertainty associated with climate change. Prior to starting at ASU, I worked at the World Wildlife Fund as a Senior Program Officer on the Climate Adaptation and Resilience team.

Katie Surrey

Biology and Society PhD Program

My interest is the intersection between animal behavior and conservation. Specifically my goal is to use data and knowledge collected about particular species’ behaviors to identify areas of potential human-wildlife conflict, and ultimately to craft more efficient and less-invasive policies that best protect the interests of both groups. My background includes an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science, work in wildlife rehabilitation, domestic animal care and behavior, and landscape ecology.

Alice Sansonetti

Biology M.Sc. Program

I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from Arizona State University and I am completing my final year of my Master’s degree in Biology. My research goals are grounded in biodiversity and ecosystem conservation, with a special interest in complex systems, ecosystem dynamics, and interspecies interactions. I hope to integrate cell biology and microbiology in my conservation work. My current research focuses on the development of tools to inform endangered species recovery programs and funding.

Katherine Poe

Biology and Society M.Sc. Program

I am a master’s student earning my degree in Biology & Society and a graduate certificate in Public Policy. I earned my bachelor’s degrees in Conservation Biology & Ecology and Political Science from ASU and graduated summa cum laude from Barrett, the Honors College. My graduate research is focused on biodiversity conservation in the Peruvian Amazon and sustainable agriculture solutions. Broadly, I am interested in wildlife policy, the impacts of agriculture on biodiversity, and predator persecution and conservation. I also work as the program manager for the Center for Biodiversity Outcomes at ASU.